“Google Chrome Translate”

“How to read architectural lighting websites in Chinese version”

Google Chrome recently updated the browser version to v4.1 version, in this new version has finally joined the previous version of the function “automatic web page translation function”, this feature joined what benefits?

Step 1 Open Chrome on your computer.

Lighting Hong KongStep 2 Click the “More” icon in the upper right corner and then click “Settings”.

Lighting transferStep 3 Click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom. Under “Language”, click “Language and input settings”. On the left click on the language you want to use.

翻譯照明系統Step 4 Restart Chrome to apply changes. You can explore the browser will automatically jump out of the automatic web page translation tool. If you need to translate, please click the “Translate” button, Google browser will be very fast translating.


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