“DMX Lighting Control Software”

The DMX fixtures are made to comply with the international standards of the DMX 512 lighting controller. Various DMX lights used in a party or stage, like spot lights, movable lights, LED lights and light panels.

The number 512 relates to the variety of individual units that might be processed or managed and signals to the system components connected to it via 512 different channels. The DMX lighting software that controls a moving electrical fixture in a number of features like movement, color and depth of the illumination, lighting effects, music and it sends 512 distinct signals at a time. The signal transmitted via 512 channels through DMX lighting cables is called a DMX universe.

Multiple DMX universes can provide more than 512 channels for operating a particular lighting device or a group of devices.

You can own your stage concert, to create an excellent ambience for DMX lighting software.

DMX Lighting Effect

Find More Stage Lighting Effect Information about DMX products.

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