Battery kit for emergency lighting

Hello! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to our pages. We have been introduced to more industries  in the lighting function. Today we would like to announce our company offers a battery kit for emergency lighting.

We can offer emergency lighting solutions for LED T8 and LED T5 products.

combined with dimmable and non-dimmable LED Drivers for maintained operation.

The key factor in battery kit for emergency lighting:

  • Emergency lights are either battery operated or rechargeable.
  • Discharge duration 2/3 hours on bright mode for LED tube. Some emergency lights are switched on to lead in the proper way and people don’t tend to get lost in stairs.
  • Should ensure that your products are safe and shall fully comply with the applicable safety requirements.
  • Staircase lights need to be checked every three months and necessary replacements should make to them.
  • If you also provide installation service for the luminaire, you should find a registered electrical contractor (REC), and employ a registered electrical worker (REW) to carry out the work.

Topco Lighting

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