Happy Chinese New Year

We are grateful for the trust shown to us by our clients and readers alike that has seen us grow from the lighting application. We would provide an excellent consultation service and looking forward to our customer feedback. Renewable Energy Solutions Architectural Lighting Commercial Lighting Lighting Design Service   Happy Chinese New Year! TOPCO Lighting.Continue reading “Happy Chinese New Year”

Response to a reader’s letter:How can we choose LED Downlight to connect with dimmer controls?

To avoid fail dimmer at the source,  you would select dimmable LED Downlight and the driver must to design allow dimming with your control panel. Please note that if you find one of non-dimmable LED Downlight and try to dim, it would cause the lights to fail. Some of our commercial lighting projects (highbay, floodContinue reading “Response to a reader’s letter:How can we choose LED Downlight to connect with dimmer controls?”

“Basic Electrical Wire Material Options”

Power has such a large number of utilization that without it is difficult to complete anything. Electrical wires are what are utilized to convey the truly necessary vitality into work environments, commercial and even in autos and other distinctive gear and apparatuses. Thus, the wires utilized as a part of the diverse electrical applications should be in ideal condition if at all they are to get things running as easily as they should.

“What did you think on lighting energy management?”

Lighting control systems are becoming more universal system in the international market. The changed is that there is a greater presence in the commercial and architectural arena for these lighting systems and extend from the basic switching methods with a greater focus on energy saving management. Lighting in the commercial building has some significant challenge.