“Traditional fluorescent lamps are now being aggressive due to the problems of electricity consumption.”

We are supposed to understanding the risks of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) can help disposed of safely while we are explaining LED lighting is the safest and most eco-friendly lighting choice in the long run. As well as changing the scene or façade lighting in, outdoor area, LED lighting should be a great way to reduce energy consumption and therefore keep costs down in the architectural lighting design, office lighting, industrial lighting, interior design lighting, hospital, exhibition, education, advertising in lighting project.

Tradition lamps
Traditional fluorescent lamps are now being aggressive

What are the disadvantage for traditional fluorescent lamps?

Mercury – It was less than 4 milligrams of mercury. But if you know that mercury is in liquid form, when the lamp is hot mercury is in gaseous or vapor extremely toxic. It can risk our health such as brain damage, central nervous system damage medical conditions. CFL contains materials including metal, glass and a tiny amount of mercury. So, please be very important to avoid breaking fluorescent lamps. Please don’t place fluorescent lamps in trash compactors, since this will release the mercury and contaminate for the surrounding area.

In the Hong Kong, Environmental Protection Department(EPD) has ordered waste handlers to treat fluorescent lamps as hazardous, the programme “Fluorescent Lamp Recycling” (慳電膽及光管回收計劃), the contractor of the Chemical Waste Treatment to arranged to be sent to recycling centers that break the lamps under special conditions.

Breakage – more important create form the fluorescent lamps. Breaking the glass can cause shrapnel injuries and release of mercury and other compounds. Unfortunately, if you handle broken lamps please wear protective equipment such as hand gloves and medical face mask to protect yourself. Kinds should stay away from the breakage area, opened windows for more than 15 minutes so that vapors may disperse. Please use sticky tape to pick up small glass pieces, clean up the area with a damp paper towel, and dispose of the materials.

Ultraviolet Light – Short-wave UV light damaging components of the suns rays that reach the sunburn, it was damage our human health. When the body senses ultraviolet light damage, it sends melanin into surrounding cells and tries to protect them from sustaining more damage.

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