Basic Concepts of Stage Light

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When set up the studio for video, lighting event or photo shooting it is imperative to set up the lighting to be as near normal light as conceivable to become create the best outcomes. We need a blend of some technique skill. The shading temperature use in the studio lighting needs to set the temperature of 3200 K to 5400K and shadows produced by direct lighting.

4 points lighting which included Key Light, Fill Light, Back Light and Background Light.

  1. The key light as much as significant in the feature and used to contour the face and add depth the object.
  2. Fill light likewise shines on the object from the front yet at the opposite side point in respect to the key light and surfaces like the shadow of the person face or nose.
  3. Black light the object which from behind at the side with the purpose to make the edge of light at the hair or shoulder, to separate into the subject from the background contours.
  4. Background Light should illuminates for the backdrop scene. however, this applicant the object will be well-lit on a dark set.

Using 3 point /4 point lighting place for video, lighting event or photo shooting, the object will more natural in color and balance of light and your client will be satisfied with the outcome.

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for stage light

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