Installation of Flexible LED Track Lighting

Nowadays most of the public areas like restaurants, museums, art galleries, libraries and conference rooms. To installing the Flexible LED track light keep the following things in mind and work easily. Firstly, voltage tester is most important certain the electrical system is switched off. Secondly, for your safety please use the working platform and safety belt working at height if you desire to work with high ceiling apartments. Foremost thing to do is switch off the electric circuit for any electric problem. Put on the flexible lighting track along the ceiling mount or wall mount and apply the appropriate screws to support point in the place.

Remember, whenever you’re not professional in electrical person, please engage a registered electrical worker who is well knowledgeable for the installation, commissioning, inspection, testing, maintenance, modification or repair of a low-voltage or high-voltage fixed electrical installation, for the supervision and certification of the work and the design of the installation.

To be qualified as a registered electrical worker, an applicant must possess appropriate qualifications, training and experience before making an application to EMSD, HKSAR.

20191219 TR

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